Keauhou Store
Yoshisuke Sasaki was born in Japan in 1885 and immigrated to Honolulu at age 15 to work in construction. He later moved to Kona and earned his first money making coffins out of redwood and building redwood water tanks for prominent immigrant families. In 1903 he also built the ornate concrete archway for Tong Wo Tong cemetery next to the store and helped with the design and construction of the Daifukuji Soto Mission in Honalo, about a mile south on Mamalahoa Highway.
In 1962 at the age of 77, Yoshisuke Sasaki traveled to Japan with wife Kuma.
Below: 44 years before that trip the couple and their young family opened their Keauhou store. The two columns on the front lanai are still there today, as are many of the original features handmade by Y. Sasaki over 90 years ago.