Keauhou Store
In 1947 the old roof was removed and the upper mezzanine floor and art deco
facade were added. The entire building, including doors, windows, showcases and furniture were hand built by Yoshisuke, a small man, standing only 5 feet 2 inches tall. He was a very successful businessman as well as master carpenter.

Yoshisuke’s middle son, Rikio (born in 1924), began running the Keauhou Store in the mid-1950’s and started selling the first Schwinn and Columbia bicycles in Kona. It was truly the area’s department store, stocking musical goods and instruments, records, appliances, stationery, radios, hardware, jewelry, photographic supplies, sporting goods, sewing supplies and groceries.
They also were a Standard Oil Service Station and pumped more gas than any other station in Kona. They farmed and processed macadamia nuts and coffee, and Yoshisuke invented several milling machines. The store was a gathering place for the community and its large front lanai was a popular place to visit and talk story.